Baidu Account | 百度 Registration Process 2023

Baidu Account : 百度 specializes search engine, mapping and cloud computing service in China. Interested in Baidu WangPan, Search or other products? Want to get a new Baidu Account? Let’s start by following our tutorial, enjoy all the Baidu services~

Baidu Account


Baidu Account


Bai Du? Or Baidu?

It’s called 百度 (pinyin : Bǎidù) in Chinese, which is an Internet company mainly engaged in search engine services.

In this article, we are going to introduce how to register for a new Baidu account, and it’s time to have it.


Baidu Registration


There are lots of methods to open a new account, many of those require a Mainland China mobile number.

And our tutorial will take you to sign up with your own mobile number.

Yes, you will still need to pass the phone verification.

Ready? Let’s go for it.


Step 1 HaoKan Video App


Firstly, we need to get a Baidu product named HaoKan Video.

It is a video platform like Douyin (Chinese TikTok) in China.

▼ You can refer to Download HaoKan Video (Android/iOS) to have it.

Get the HaoKan Video App

Step 2 Log in


▼ Next, enter this video app.

Tap 我的 Mine at the bottom.

And select Mobile phone icon at the top.

Open Login page to start the Baidu registration process

Step 3 Sign Up


▼ In Baidu login page, we tap 注册 Sign Up (bottom) to start your registration process.

Tap +86 to open the Country/Area list, and select your Country code.


Note : You could try to enter your code in the search box in Country page.

Sign up Baidu account

Step 4 Mobile number


▼ Next, fill in your mobile number.

Check you agree with 百度用戶协议 Baidu User Agreement , 隐私政策Privacy Policy and 儿童个人信息保护声明 Children’s Personal Information Protection Statement.

And tap 立即注册 Sign up now to verify your number.

Enter a mobile number for your Baidu account

Step 5 Phone Verification


▼ After receiving the SMS, enter you verification code.

It will be verified automatically and take you to the next page.


Note 1 : If you can’t receive SMS, please wait for the countdown and tap 重新发送 Send again.

Note 2 : If you still can’t get the code, tap 没收到验证码? Didn’t get the code?. It says…

2.1 Please confirm that the number is your current number (might enter the wrong number).

2.2 Check if your SMS is blocked by the security software.

2.3.SMS may be delayed due to operator’s network problem.

Verify the mobile number for your Baidu account


How to create Baidu account ?

Step 6 Username and Password


▼ Pass the verification successful, we are almost there.

Here we are going to set up your account information.

Enter your 用戶名 Username, no longer than 14 characters or 7 Chinese characters.

Your 密码 Password must…

  • Be between 8-14 characters.
  • Contain at least two categories from Letters/ Digit/ Special characters.

If all the information is okay, tap 确定Confirm to submit, and your new account is completed successfully.


Note : If you see 系统繁忙,请稍后再试 The system is busy, please try again later, please try it again.

Complete account info for your Baidu account

Step 7 Done


▼ After registration, you will be logged in to this App.

To manage your Baidu account, select 我的 Mine at the bottom.

Tap 设置 Settings and select 帐号管理 Account Management.

And you will be able to view or change your important account settings such as 用戶名 username, 绑定手机 bonding number or 登录密码 Login password.

Getting Baidu account successfully

If you are interesting in Baidu AI, search engine, map or other Internet services, it’s quite easy to getting a new account by following our tutorial. Hope we can take you have it. Any problem or wanna say Hi? Leave us a message below, Thanks.

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