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Netease Account: 网易, a prominent internet technology company from China, offers an array of services including news, 163 mail, and gaming. Interested in diving into the world of NetEase Games or exploring NetEase’s diverse services? You can easily register for a free NetEase account. Let’s get started~

Netease Account


Netease Account


Important Notice:

Dear readers, based on the latest tests from our Chinese website, registration on both the official Netease website and Netease Mail now requires verification via a Chinese mobile phone number. Therefore, to create a Netease Mail account, you will need to use a personal Chinese mobile number for verification.

As a result, the registration methods previously outlined in our articles are no longer applicable. However, if you’re still interested, you may try these steps. We will continue to explore new ways to register for Netease and welcome any ideas or suggestions you might have. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Important Notice:


Considering a 163, NetEase, or Netease Mail account?

网易, a dynamic enterprise in China, operates a diverse range of services including gaming, advertising, email, Cloud Music, and e-commerce.

Are you interested in experiencing what NetEase has to offer?

In this post, we will introduce how to sign up a new Netease account (163 mail account), let’s get it~

  • Step


Register Netease Account


We are able to open a new account at


official site : Netease

▼ Firstly, open the site link.

Tap the Avatar at the top,

and tap 去注册 Sign up


Note : On desktop site? Please switch to mobile screen in your web browser.


Step 1 info


▼ Entering this page, you could tap to choose a different domain for your free account.

  •,, and are free to use.


Then fill in your username (email address),

and password (8-16 digit password)

Check that you agree 网易邮箱服务条款 NetEase Mail Service Agreement and 网易隐私政策 NetEase Privacy Policy.

And tap 下一步 Next Step.

Fill in basic information to create a new netease account

Step 2 Verification I Country code


▼ To complete this process, we need to verify a phone number.

Tap +86 to select your Country code.

Enter your mobile number,

and tap 验证手机号 Verify the mobile number.


Note : You could try to enter your Area code (Country code)  in the search box to filter this list.

Fill in mobile number to create a new netease account

Step 2 Verification II Number


▼ If you didn’t get a SMS message, tap 获取验证码 Get verification code to try sending again.

Receiving the SMS verification code, fill it in the page.

Tap 注册 Sign up, and your account is there.

Verify mobile number to create a new netease account

Step 3 Done


▼ It will direct you to the main page after registration.

You could tap Avatar to see you’re logged in.

Create a new netease account successfully

Step 4 email


official site : 163 mail

▼ You could also try to sign in 163 mail.

Open the link above, enter your 用戶名 username and 密码 password.

And tap 登录 Log in to your email account.

Log in 163 mail successfully

Netease 网易, offering a variety of services including games, email, and news in China, hopes that our guide has facilitated the opening of your new account. Do you have any thoughts or feedback? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Thank you~

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