Chinese Apple ID | Regisration Tutorial

Chinese Apple ID : Want to download Apps or games in China? If you try to visit China mainland App Store, no matter where you live, don’t even need a Chinese number. Let’s follow us to access the Chinese App Store~

Chinese Apple ID


Chinese Apple ID


Want to get popular Chinese games or Apps on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch?

Many people have difficulty getting a China mainland Apple ID, no matter you can’t get China address for Apple ID? Or need a China phone number ?

We will introduce a method to apply for a new ID that doesn’t require a Chinese mobile number, and let you enter China App Store successfully, let’s go.

  1. New ID
  2. Step


China Apple ID Tutorial


There are methods to switch from one App Store to another, we recommend registering a new Apple ID.

It means this new ID is only for China App Store, don’t need to switch stores all the time, this could prevent problems from your important accounts.


New ID


If you don’t have an additional Apple ID, it’s easy to get a new one.

You can sign up through different platforms (such as websites, Apps, or devices), and it’s faster and easier to register on the web.


If you’re from the US, please register a US Apple ID, then follow the steps below.

……from Germany? please register a German Apple ID, then follow the steps below.

……from Singapore? please register a Singapore Apple ID, then follow the steps below.

…that is, register ID with your current region and mobile phone number, and then we switch it.

Readers can refer to our Apple ID tutorial to create a new account before switching region.


Note: You can switch region with your current account, but we recommend registering a new ID to avoid problems.

create a new apple id


Step 1 Sign in


(Use iPhone/Safari browser below)

official site :  Apple ID

▼ After completing ID registration, open the link to the Apple ID official website.

If you open the site with an Apple device, it would detect your existing account* automatically.

When the login option appears, tap Cancel; if you have already logged in, click Logout.


Then Sign in with the ID you just created (or a backup ID that can be used to switch region).

Click V at the top to open the menu.

Select Personal Information, and then select Country/Region.


Note: The existing account here means your old account, not the new one.

Sign in your Apple ID

Step 2 Country or Region


▼ Press Change country or region.

Tap current COUNTRY/REGION (such as Canada),

and select China mainland.

Change country or region for your ID

Step 3 China manland


▼ After selecting, you’ll need to update Payment Method and Billing Address (Picture below right).

Select China manland as your Country

Step 4 address


Please note: This address is not recommended for important accounts.


▼ Firstly, we tap PAYMENT METHOD.

If you don’t need to pay, you can choose None.


Next, we fill in BILLING ADDRESS, it could be in English.

To get Chinese address and phone number, please open Google Map and search for “China”.

Then zoom in the map and tap on a store or a place, and you’ll get these :

  • Street address
  • City
  • Postal code
  • State (select)
  • Phone number


Enter your last name ,first name, and the address.

The postal code is 6 digits;phone number are both Okay with 9 or 10 digits.

Update your address for your ID

Step 5 update


▼ Moving down to the part of the SHIPPING ADDRESS.

You could leave it empty ( we don’t enter anything here).

Check the information above again, then tap Update.


After updating, the region for this ID is China mainland now.

Next, time to switching your App Store.

Update your shipping address


Visit Chinese App Store

Step 6 App Store


(We use iPhone here)

▼ After updating the region, we open App Store on the home screen (desktop).

Press Account button (head) at the upper right corner.



Note: Before logging out of your current ID, please make sure you remember (old) Apple ID and password.



Then move to the bottom and press Sign out.

Sign out of App Store

Step 7 Sign in


▼  Next, move to the top of the page.

Enter (new) Apple ID and password.

And click Sign In.


Then you might see two-step verification (phone verification).

Receiving the SMS verification code, fill in the code for verification.

After passing it, tap Review.


Read the Apple Media service terms and Conditions.

If you agree with it, check Agree, then tap Next.

Sign in App Store with new ID

Error ?


▼ During our test, if your device already has a login ID, the following situations may occur:

  • Cannot Connect to App Store
  • Login your current ID
  • Enter password

Tap Retry or Cancel.

Then sign in your (new) ID and password again (Step 7).


Note : You could also close App Store and Sign in new account again.

Errors when switching

Step 8 Completed


▼ When you see this, we are almost there.

Confirm the Payment Method and Billing Address again.

If OK, tap Next.

And your new China Apple ID Completed.

Apple ID Completed

Step 9 Continue


▼  Press Continue to enter the Chinese App Store.

Enter the Chinese App Store

Step 10 Done


▼ Now, you can start exploring Apps, Games or Search page to find more~

Visit China App Store successfully

If you are interested in Chinese Apps or Games, getting a new ID will be a good thing. Hope our steps get you Chinese Apple ID easily, no matter you have any problem or just want to say Hi, please let us know below, Thanks.

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