Netease Music App Download | 网易云音乐 163 Music

Netease Music App Download : 网易云音乐 NetEase Cloud Music is one of the leading music streaming services in China, providing users an interactive content community. Looking for a Chinese Music platform? Interested in Netease Music App? Let’s get Netease Cloud Music App, discover the power of music~

Netease Music App Download


Netease Music App Download


163 music? Wangyiyun music?

It is named 网易云音乐 (pinyin : Wǎngyì yún yīnyuè) in Chinese.

NetEase Cloud Music is a popular online music platform in China.

Music enthusiasts can discover, enjoy and share music in this community.

Enjoy Chinese songs? Interested in 163 Music?

In this post, we will introduce how to get Netease Cloud Music.

  • Android
  • iOS


Netease Music APK

Android 1 Play Store (X)


▼ Readers on Android phone or tablet cannot find it on the Google Play Store.

NetEase Cloud Music is not available on the Play Store


But we can get Netease music APK from the sites below:

  • PP Assistant
  • official site


Android 2 PP Assistant


PP Assistant :  网易云音乐

▼ It is available on the Alibaba PP Assistant.

Open the store link,

and tap 普通下载 Normal Download to get it.


Note : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Get NetEase Cloud Music APK on PP Assistant

Android 3 official site


official site :  网易云音乐

▼ We can get it from the official site ( as well.

Open the link above,

and tap 下载APP Download APP to start downloading.


Note 1 : On desktop site? Please switch to mobile screen in your web browser.

Note 2 : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Get NetEase Cloud Music APK on the official site


Netease Music Download

iOS 1 App Store (overseas)


▼  Readers using iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch can not find it on the App Store from outside of China.

Netease Music is not available on the App Store (overseas)


Can’t find it from your Country or Area?

Go visit the Chinese App Store (Mainland China).


iOS 2 App Store (China) I


▼ Refer to Open a China Apple ID to sign up for a new ID, and change the Country of your App Store.

Visit the Chinese App Store

iOS 2 App Store (China) II


App Store :  网易云音乐

▼ Get into the China App Store, and you can search netease music or open the link above to GET this music app.

Get Netease Music iOS on the App Store (China)

Netease Music platform have been widely recognized among the young generation in China, that’s why we recommend trying it. Hope our post could take you get this App. Got any problem? Please leave a message below, Thanks.

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