JianYing Pro Download | 剪映 for PC MAC

JianYing Pro Download : 剪映专业版 is a professional desktop video editor, supports smart tools and a user-friendly interface. Interested in Chinese Capcut? Let’s get JianYing Desktop App, create your videos more efficiently~

JianYing Pro Download


JianYing Pro Download


Chinese Capcut? Capcut China? Jianying PC?

It is called JianYing Pro, and named 剪映专业版 (pinyin : Jiǎn yìng zhuānyè bǎn) in Chinese.

Pro means it’s a professional version of Jianying, especially for desktop users.

Now, JianYing Pro is available for Windows and macOS, and the website.

JianYing is also the official Douyin (Chinese TikTok) video editor owned by ByteDance.

Want to try JianYing Pro?

We are going to introduce how to get it,  let’s move~

  • Mobile App
  • Web
  • macOS
  • Windows


Jianying Video Editor Download

Mobile App


▼ Before we talk about desktop clients,

there are also mobile app for Android and iOS,

you could refer to Download JianYing App to get it.

Get JianYing app


If it is too soon, you could start from the web.




official site : Web Editor

Open the site link, and the JianYing web editing tool is there for you.

If you can’t read English, try to translate with your browser.


Note : Can’t use it? The official recommends using Google Chrome Browser for best experience.

Using JianYing web


Jianying Pro App


For readers on Mac devices, there are two methods to get JianYing for Mac :

  • Mac App Store
  • official site


macOS I Mac App Store


Mac App Store :  剪映专业版

▼ If you are looking for JianYing Pro instead of Capcut, we could get it from the Mac App Store.

But it is only available on the Chinese App Store (Mainland China).


Refer to Sign up a China Apple ID to create a new ID, and change the Country of the store.

Enter Chinese App Store, and you can search 剪映 or open the link above to GET it.

Get Jianying Pro on Mac App Store (China)

macOS II official site


official site :  剪映

▼ An easier way is to download it from the official site (lv.ulikecam.com).

Open the link above, and tap 立即下载 Download Now to start downloading (.dmg).

Get Jianying Pro dmg file for Mac


JianYing for PC (Windows) is also available now.




official site :  剪映

▼ Readers using Windows devices can get it on the official site (lv.ulikecam.com).

Open the link above, and you can see the download button.

Tap 立即下載 Download now, and you can get the installation file(.exe)


Note : Can’t download it? Please try again or use a different browser.

Get Jianying Pro exe file for windows

JianYing Pro is an all-in-one and simple video editor, users can create videos on browser, phone, or desktop, it makes your creation so much easier. Hope our article would take you get it. Any problem? Please let us know below, Thanks.

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