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YOUKU App Download : Your ultimate video streaming companion. This all-encompassing entertainment hub brings together a vast array of premium content, from exclusive series premieres to a rich variety of variety shows, captivating anime, and blockbuster films. Whether you’re in the mood for the latest dramas, variety shows, anime, or movies, 优酷 satisfies every entertainment craving. Ready for the hottest TV shows and quality content? Download the YOUKU App now and dive into an anytime, anywhere visual feast~

YOUKU App Download


YOUKU App Download


Chinese Youku? Youku China? Youku TV?

优酷, an Alibaba Group’s high-definition video platform, doesn’t just offer a wealth of video resources; it features an intelligent recommendation system to quickly connect users with their favorite content.

From domestic and international dramas, popular variety shows, quality cinema films to thrilling anime, the YOUKU App fulfills every desire.

Enhanced with high-definition quality options, smart caching, and multi-device synchronized viewing, YOUKU is dedicated to elevating your viewing experience.

Looking for the latest and greatest in TV and quality content?

In this article, we will introduce how to download Youku app.

  • Android (APK)
  • iOS


Youku  Download

Android 1 Google Play


Google Play :  Youku

▼ Readers using Android phone or tablet can find the international version of the Youku App from the Google Play Store.

Simply search for “youku” or click on the store link, and you can quickly Install this popular video streaming app.

Get YOUKU App from the Google Play


If you cannot find Youku on the Play Store, can download its APK from the following websites:

  • PP Assistant
  • official website


Android 2 PP Assistant


PP Assistant :  优酷视频

▼ We can get YouKu APK from the Alibaba PP Assistant.

Open the link, uncheck “优先下载PP助手安装,更安全”.

And tap on “普通下载” Normal Download to get APK.


Note : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Download YOUKU APK from PP Assistant

Android 3 official site


official site :  YOUKU

▼ You can also obtain the Youku APK from its official website (

Open the link above, tap on “打开” Open at the bottom (Or 下载App at the top).

Select OK to keep it, and the download will start.


Note 1 : On the desktop site? Please switch to the mobile screen in your web browser.

Note 2 : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Get YOUKU APK from the official site



iOS 1 App Store (overseas)


App Store : 优酷

▼ Friends using an iPhone or iPad can easily find Youku on the App Store from outside of China.

Simply search for “Youku” or open the provided store link to GET this popular video streaming app.


Note: For the international version of Youku, please see the Youku page.

Get YOUKU App from the App Store (overseas)


Having trouble finding Youku on your App Store?

No worries, you can still install it from the Chinese App Store (Mainland China).


iOS 2 App Store (China) I


▼ To do so on iOS devices, please refer to “Build a China Apple ID” to create a new ID, and change the country of your App Store.

Visit the Chinese App Store

iOS 2 App Store (China) II GET


App Store : 优酷

▼ Once your ID is set up, open your App Store,

and search for “youku or open the store link to GET this app.

Get YOUKU for iOS from the App Store (China)

The YOUKU App stands as the preferred choice for video enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive film and television library alongside a user-friendly viewing experience. Whether you’re a drama lover, variety show enthusiast, or anime fan, YOUKU provides satisfying viewing options for all. We hope this article helps you download this streaming app to discover the wonders of unseen entertainment. If you encounter any issues, please leave us a message below. Thank you~

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