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Weekly Douyin Rankings Jan 1-7, 2024: Kick off the new year by staying connected with the ever-evolving trends on Douyin! Our weekly roundup, ‘Douyin Hotspot’, brings you the most captivating and talked-about videos in China. Dive into the narratives that are captivating millions and stay updated with the latest trends. Discover the content that’s shaping the cultural conversations of the first week of 2024. Join us in embracing the new year with the finest selections from Douyin~

Weekly Douyin Rankings Jan 1-7, 2024


Weekly Douyin Rankings Jan 1-7, 2023


Weekly Douyin Trends Jan 1-7, 2024: Curious about the latest buzz on Douyin, the heartbeat of China’s social media world?

Dive into our first weekly roundup of the year, highlighting the most engaging and popular topics captivating millions. Each featured trend garners massive views, reflecting the current hotspots in social media. Join us as we explore these intriguing themes, keeping you in tune with the dynamic shifts of the online sphere. Discover what’s resonating with audiences throughout China. Start your exploration into the core of Douyin’s latest trends now!


Douyin Ranking

1 Jan, 2023


Top1 2024年正式开启 1179.8万

Top 1 The Year 2024 Officially Begins 11.798 Million

Bidding farewell to 2023 and welcoming a brand new chapter, may 2024 be even more wonderful.

Top2 2024第一条抖音 我先发 1156.6万

Top 2 The First Douyin Post of 2024 is Mine 11.566 Million

In the new year, be the first to post on Douyin!
In the new year, chase what you love! Hello, 2024!

Top3 下一站2024 1149.4万

Top 3 Next Stop: 2024 11.494 Million

‘2023, you’ve worked hard, next stop: 2024’.

Changsha subway’s heartwarming New Year broadcast:
2023 is about to arrive at its destination. To our past selves, we say, ‘Goodbye, you’ve worked hard this year.’
Next stop: 2024, may we all be calm, unhurried, and shining brightly.

Top4 跨年来看打铁花 1148.5万

Top 4 Celebrating New Year with Molten Iron Fireworks 11.485 Million

Experience a different kind of fireworks for the New Year with the thousand-year-old tradition of ‘Molten Iron Fireworks’. This practice, known as ancient fireworks, is a major event in some parts of China for welcoming the Spring Festival or celebrating the Lantern Festival.

Top5 北京卫视跨年晚会 1148.3万

Top 5 Beijing Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve Gala 11.483 Million

Beijing Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve celebration brings together a host of stars to accompany you as you step from 2023 into a new journey.


2 Jan, 2023


Top1 神十七乘组新年来信 1159.5万

Top 1 Shenzhou-17 Crew’s New Year Message 11.595 Million

The Shenzhou-17 crew sends New Year greetings and assures that they will take good care of the Chinese Space Station.

Top2 迪丽热巴回归抖音 1142.7万

Top 2 Dilraba Returns to Douyin 11.427 Million

After a three-year hiatus, Dilraba Dilmurat has posted again on Douyin.

Checking in for 2024, shaking off worries with a nod, she wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

Top3 聚焦2024大事记 1069.0万

Top 3 Focusing on the Major Events of 2024 10.690 Million

CNR (China National Radio) releases a video that focuses on the major events of 2024 through a ‘lens’.
With vigor and enthusiasm, we embark together towards a brighter future!

Top4 戚薇李承铉跨年氛围感拉满 1046.1万

Top 4 Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan’s New Year Atmosphere is Off the Charts 10.461 Million

In 2024, popping a champagne for you, Qi Wei (Stephy Qi) and her husband Li Chengxuan (Nathan Scott Lee) come together.

Their rendition of ‘Mad Love’ (狂恋) fills the air with an intense and sweet atmosphere.

Top5 ​​总台大湾区新年音乐会 1039.9万

Top 5 National Broadcasting Station’s Greater Bay Area New Year Concert 10.399 Million

The ‘2024 New Year Concert’, co-hosted by the Central Radio and Television Station, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, connects 11 cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The concert, featuring musical performances, extends blessings for the new year’s journey in the Greater Bay Area.


3 Jan, 2023


Top1 小土豆:我回南方了 1143.9万

Top 1 Little Potato: I’m Back to the South 11.439 Million

Harbin, Little Potato has left~ #SouthernLittlePotato
‘Southern Little Potato’ is a term of endearment used by Northeastern Chinese for tourists from the South. Due to their petite stature and the heavy down jackets they wear, these southern visitors are affectionately referred to by locals as ‘Southern Little Potatoes’.

Top2 哈尔滨元旦旅游总收入59.14亿 1019.5万

Top 2 Harbin’s Total Tourism Revenue on New Year’s Day Reaches 5.914 Billion Yuan 10.195 Million

On January 2nd, according to Harbin Culture and Tourism, by the third day of the New Year’s holiday, Harbin had cumulatively welcomed 3.0479 million visitors, achieving a total tourism revenue of 5.914 billion yuan. Both the number of tourists received and the total tourism revenue reached historical highs.

Top3 神十七乘组的元旦假期 1014.7万

Top 3 New Year’s Holiday of the Shenzhou-17 Crew 10.147 Million

How do astronauts eat dumplings? It seems like these dumplings aren’t so easy to get.

Top4 比奶牛猫还神经的是它的主人 1009.7万

Top 4 More Eccentric than the Cow-patterned Cat is Its Owner 10.097 Million

Cow-patterned cats are often considered to be quirky, but even more so are their owners.


Top5 南方小土豆来哈尔滨都吃啥 985.5万

Top 5 What Do Southerners Eat in Harbin? 9.855 Million

What do Southerners eat when they visit Harbin? Harbin locals recommend the ‘Flaming Hot Pot’.



4 Jan, 2023


Top1 付豪被驱逐 126.3万

Top1 Fu Hao Ejected with 1.263 Million Views

In the CBA game between Zhejiang and Liaoning, player Fu Hao’s elbow hit Jones while going for a layup. The referees, after reviewing the play, decided to eject Fu Hao from the game.

In this action, Fu Hao’s elbow struck Carlik Jones directly in the head, causing Jones to lose three teeth and fall to the ground unable to get up. Ultimately, at the request of the Zhejiang men’s basketball team, the referees reviewed the video footage and decided to disqualify Fu Hao, ejecting him from the game.

Top2 这是苏妲己还是杨玉环 1110.0万

Top2 Is This Su Daji or Yang Yuhuan? 11.1 Million Views

Close encounters with wild animals, helping these furry kids through the cold winter in heavy snow.

Bringing food to a little fox on a snowy day.

Top3 伊朗修正爆炸死亡人数至95人 1099.9万

Top3 Iran Revises Explosion Death Toll to 95, 10.99 Million Views

On the evening of January 3rd, local time, Iran’s Health Minister B. Eynollahi announced on Iranian national television that the death toll from the two explosions in the city of Kerman that day was 95, not the previously announced 103. The error was due to a previous miscalculation involving double counting.

Additionally, according to Iran’s news agency, the explosion has resulted in 211 injuries.

Top4 哈尔滨中央大街铺地毯了 1060.9万

Top4 Harbin Central Avenue Carpeted, 10.609 Million Views

Harbin Central Avenue has been carpeted, something the locals have never seen before. In an effort to prevent tourists from falling, carpets have been laid in the underground passages of Central Street.


Top5 记者探访日本震区 1047.6万


Top5 Reporter Visits Japanese Earthquake Zone, 10.476 Million Views

CCTV reporters provide on-site coverage of the earthquake-affected areas in Japan. Roads in severely affected areas have collapsed due to the earthquake, with cars overturned in the cracks, and ambulances transporting injured residents.


5 Jan, 2023


Top1 沈阳文旅局局长喊话砂糖橘们 1162.0万

Top1 Shenyang Culture and Tourism Bureau Chief Calls Out to Sugar Orange travelers, 11.62 Million Views

The head of the Shenyang Culture and Tourism Bureau calls out to Guangxi’s “Sugar Orange” little travelers, inviting them to visit Shenyang to explore the Imperial Palace, enjoy chicken skeleton delicacies, and see robots.

The bureau also welcomes travelers like Yunnan’s “Little Fungi,” Sichuan’s “Little Pandas,” and little darlings from other places to come and have fun in Shenyang.

Top2 大学监考老师的崩溃瞬间 1160.9万

Top2 University Invigilator’s Moment of Breakdown, 11.609 Million Views

Is it possible for the final open book exam to have students submit their papers early so the teacher can leave early? Impossible! The invigilator has a moment of breakdown.

Top3 中国孩子们的精气神 1127.9万

Top3 The Spirit of Chinese Children, 11.279 Million Views

The central primary school in Mengdong Town, Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, located in the southwestern border of China, where football offers these children another way out of the mountains! Football leads them to a broader horizon, kicking out the spirit of Chinese children~

Top4 疯狂动物城拍照模版准备好了 1097.1万

Top4 Zootopia Photo Template Ready, 10.971 Million Views

Call up your best friend and take photos together, imitating the Zootopia photo template from Shanghai Disneyland~

Top5 “伊斯兰国”称制造伊朗爆炸 1066.1万

Top5 “Islamic State” Claims Responsibility for Iran Explosions, 10.661 Million Views

The extremist group “Islamic State” claimed responsibility on the 4th for the two explosions that recently occurred in the southeastern Iranian city of Kerman.

The Islamic State’s news agency reported that in a statement, the group claimed two attackers carried out suicide bombings in the city of Kerman.


6 Jan, 2023


Top1 宋亚轩一句话被踢出团队 1157.2万

Top1 Song Yaxuan Kicked Out of Team for One Remark, 11.572 Million Views

In the “Ace vs. Ace” segment called ‘Exile of the Savage’, Song Yaxuan (宋亚轩)was “kicked out” of the team for something he said. Let’s see what he remarked.

“Ace vs. Ace” (王牌對王牌) is a popular indoor competitive reality variety show.

Top2 身份证长得一般关本人什么事 1022.9万

Top2 “ID Photo’s Appearance has Nothing to Do with the Person”, 10.229 Million Views

The connection between ID photos and the actual person? It’s said that a major makeover trend is in vogue lately! Let’s check out these differences~

Top3 回顾中国航天员出征太空 1018.4万

Top3 Recalling Chinese Astronauts’ Journey to Space, 10.184 Million Views

Today, let’s wish the Chinese Astronaut Corps a happy 26th birthday. On January 5, 1998, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Astronaut Corps was officially established. From Shenzhou-5 to Shenzhou-17, a total of 20 astronauts have journeyed into space.

Top4 东北虎再次被拍到下山巡逻 1013.8万

Top4 Siberian Tiger Spotted Patrolling Downhill Again, 10.138 Million Views

In Hunchun, Jilin. A Siberian tiger was captured by a surveillance camera in a copper mine area, with fresh red blood on its front paws, suggesting it had just finished hunting.


Top5 哈尔滨的冰存了1整年 942.5万

Top5 Harbin’s Ice Lasted for an Entire Year, 9.425 Million Views

Where does the ice for the Ice and Snow World come from? The ice in Harbin actually lasted for a whole year! This year’s ice at the Ice and Snow World was harvested from the Songhua River last winter.


7 Jan, 2023


Top1 辛芷蕾现在才意识到自己的美 1157.7万

Top1 Xin Zhilei Realizes Her Beauty Now, 11.577 Million Views

Xin Zhilei (辛芷蕾): “It was really after filming ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ that I realized my own stunning beauty.”

‘Blossoms Shanghai’ is an urban romance drama directed and produced by Wong Kar-wai. It narrates the story of a young man named Ah Bao (played by Hu Ge) who, in the early 1990s, leverages the opportunities of China’s reform and opening-up, along with his own hard work, to rise as an emerging star in the business world.

Top2 谁家小猫咪打架一声不吭啊 1150.4万

Top2 Silent Cat Fight: No Meows Heard, 11.504 Million Views

Are they really fighting? A cat fight without a single meow!?
Let’s witness the scene of the cat fight~

Top3 我国服务进出口总额同比增9% 1144.7万

Top3 China’s Service Import and Export Increase by 9% Year-on-Year, 11.447 Million Views

From January to November 2023, China’s total service import and export increased by 9% year-on-year. The export and import of knowledge-intensive services rose by 8.3% in the same period. Travel services saw the fastest growth, with a year-on-year increase of 73.5%.

Top4 胡歌单手拎蛇 1068.2万

Top4 Hu Ge Picks Up a Snake Single-Handedly, 10.682 Million Views

Hu Ge (胡歌) encountered a dead snake on his way into the tropical rainforest and directly picked it up with his bare hand.
How to distinguish if a snake is venomous?
A forest ranger explained on the spot how to determine if a snake is poisonous: by looking at the scales on its head. Snakes with fine, dense scales are mostly venomous.

Top5 鹤岗的鹤来哈尔滨逛街了 970.6万

Top5 A Crane from Hegang Visits Harbin for Shopping, 9.706 Million Views

A red-crowned crane from Hegang graced the streets of Harbin’s Central Avenue! After a refreshing bath and grooming, it took a trip to Harbin~


Douyin Rankings Jan 1-7

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