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Weekly Douyin Rankings Dec 25-31, 2023: Stay ahead in the dynamic world of Douyin with our latest weekly roundup! ‘Douyin Hotspot’ brings you closer to China’s most enthralling and trending videos. Immerse yourself in the videos that millions are talking about, and keep your finger on the pulse of the newest trends. Explore the captivating content that defines this week’s cultural zeitgeist and be part of the conversation. Join us in celebrating the final week of 2023 with the best that Douyin has to offer~

Weekly Douyin Rankings Dec 25-31, 2023


Weekly Douyin Rankings Dec 25-31, 2023


Interested in this week’s buzz on Douyin, China’s vibrant social media sensation?

Join us in our newest roundup, showcasing the latest trending topics that are drawing the attention of millions. Each current issue commands views in the tens of millions, indicating the pulse of what’s hot right now. As we delve into these fascinating topics, you’ll be at the forefront of social media’s evolving landscape. Come explore with us and find out what’s captivating audiences across China. Begin your journey into the heart of Douyin trends today!


Douyin Ranking

25 Dec, 2023


Top1 公主请告别2023 1162.4万

Top 1 Princess, Please Say Goodbye to 2023 11.624 Million

If he doesn’t give you flowers on Christmas, I will.

#ChristmasOutfitParty #PrincessPleaseSayGoodbyeTo2023 #DouyinHotspotMemories2023

Top2 幼儿园男孩送女孩金条后续 1147.9万

Top 2 Kindergarten Boy Gives Girl a Gold Bar, Follow-Up Story 11.479 Million

A kindergarten girl received a gift from a boy, which turned out to be a 200-gram gold bar!
What happened next? The gold bar has been returned to the boy’s mother, who has a particularly good character. The hope is that they can become good friends in the future.

Top3 全国大部地区将回暖 1117.1万

Top 3 Most Parts of the Country to Experience Warming 11.171 Million

The China Central Meteorological Observatory forecasts that temperatures in most areas of central and eastern parts of the country will begin to warm up next week.

Top4 大喜的日子却苦了猫猫 994.6万

Top 4 Happy Day, But Hard on the Cat 9.946 Million

My friend’s wedding, and her cat nearly made me die laughing, hahaha.

#CatLifeRecordings #SociallyAwkwardCat

Top5 我家的看剧小狗 912.3万

Top 5 My Dog Who Watches Dramas 9.123 Million

Binge-watching shows from morning to night on the weekend, is your furry friend also like this?

#CutePets #MyDramaWatchingDog

熱點 理想汽车公布L7广东车祸视频

Hot Topic: Li Auto Releases Video of Car Accident in Guangdong

On the evening of December 24th, Li Auto released a video of a traffic accident in Qingyuan, Guangdong. The video shows that when the car speed reached 178 km/h, the driver took braking measures, significantly exceeding the working range of the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system.


26 Dec, 2023


Top1 官方鼓励安排职工除夕休息 1166.5万

Top 1 Official Encouragement to Arrange Staff Rest on Chinese New Year’s Eve 11.665 Million

The General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council have recently issued a notice, encouraging organizations to combine paid annual leave and other systems to arrange for staff rest on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Top2 3娃非亲生案开庭日是结婚纪念日 1106.4万

Top 2 Court Date for the Case of Three Non-Biological Children Falls on Wedding Anniversary 11.064 Million

After 16 years of marriage, none of the three children are biologically related, as revealed by Chen Zhixian on Douyin, sharing his feelings about the situation. This ordeal has continued to escalate online, drawing significant social attention.

Top3 微短剧7.9公里每秒 1100.4万

Top 3 Micro Short Film ‘7.9 Kilometers per Second’ 11.004 Million

CCTV News’ year-end micro short film ‘7.9 Kilometers per Second’ conveys a wish for every individual to break through their own 7.9 kilometers per second, overcome the gravity of reality, and reach the first cosmic velocity.

Top4 见证一块纯正酥油的诞生 1013.4万

Top 4 Witnessing the Creation of Pure Butter 10.134 Million

In Shangri-La, at an altitude of 3300 meters, witness the birth of a piece of pure butter. Let’s see how butter tea is made.

Top5 保温杯使用的5个禁忌 702.0万

Top 5 Five Taboos of Using a Thermos 7.020 Million

Five taboos when using a thermos:

Not suitable for milk or soy milk.
Not suitable for brewing tea.
Not suitable for brewing Chinese herbal medicine.
Not suitable for steeping Sterculia lychnophora (Malva nut) or red dates.
Not suitable for carbonated drinks and fruit juices.


27 Dec, 2023


Top1 2023平凡的我也在发光 1164.0万

Top 1 ‘Ordinary Me, Shining Brightly in 2023’ 11.640 Million

How was your 2023? Which moment of this year did you shine the brightest? It turns out, in every ordinary day of this year, you were also shining~

Top2 夸寝室长的100句话 1140.6万

Top 2 ‘100 Compliments for the Dorm Leader’ 11.406 Million

How to make your dorm leader happy with just two sentences? How to ensure you never lack food and drink in the dorm?
You’re always willing to help the weaker roommates, just like a hero!
Thank you for being there, my treasured roommate!

#JustPraiseHer #100ComplimentaryPhrases

Top3 我国再发射两颗北斗导航卫星 1133.6万

Top 3 China Launches Two More Beidou Navigation Satellites 11.336 Million

On December 26th, China successfully launched the 57th and 58th Beidou navigation satellites from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

Top4 鸽子也喜欢人类幼崽吗 1072.4万

Top 4 Do Pigeons Also Like Human Babies? 10.724 Million

Forgive me for laughing. The baby who got bullied by a pigeon on their head.

Top5 夹雪玩具还能做馒头 894.3万

Top 5 Snow Toy Also Makes Steamed Buns 8.943 Million

What else can snow toys do? A mom who steams buns gets creative with it, making fancy steamed buns for her baby.


28 Dec, 2023


Top1 全面禁燃烟花爆竹不合法 1151.7万

Top 1 Comprehensive Ban on Fireworks and Firecrackers Declared Illegal 11.517 Million

The Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress reported that some local regulations stipulate a complete ban on the sale and use of fireworks and firecrackers, which is inconsistent with the relevant provisions of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law and the Safety Management Regulations for Fireworks and Firecrackers.

The legality of the policy to ban fireworks and firecrackers was re-examined from a legal perspective. The local regulations for a complete ban have not been authorized by law.

The policy-making and law enforcement departments that implement a comprehensive ban are in violation of the ‘upper-level laws’, making the ‘complete ban order’ illegal. These should be amended in accordance with the spirit of the upper-level laws. In the future, as compared to the previous approach of a comprehensive ban, local adjustments from ‘ban’ to ‘restriction’ and guiding the public to scientifically and moderately use fireworks and firecrackers would be a better balance.

Top2 中国小姐申请出战 1125.0万

Top 2 ‘Miss China’ Applies to Compete 11.250 Million

Dorm version of the Miss Universe pageant, featuring a competition of various local dialects.

#DormLife #Dialects

Top3 中国首艘大洋钻探船试航 1106.2万

Top 3 China’s First Ocean Drilling Ship’s Trial Voyage 11.062 Million

On December 27th, ‘Dream’, China’s self-designed ocean drilling ship, completed its first trial voyage in the waters of the Pearl River Estuary (Chu-Kiang River).

The trial results indicated that the main propulsion system and various performance indicators fully met the qualifications.

Top4 2024年新任务攒钱去西藏旅行 1066.9万

Top 4 New Goal for 2024: Save Money for a Trip to Tibet 10.669 Million

What are the new goals for 2024? Perhaps it’s saving money for a trip to Tibet. Some plan self-driving tours, others group travels, and some opt for motorcycle journeys.

Top5 彭于晏现在着急了 1053.8万

Top 5 Eddie Peng is Getting Anxious Now 10.538 Million

Is Eddie Peng (Peng Yu-Yan) in a hurry to get married? He says he’s anxious, especially since Hu Ge already has a child.

He also adds that to ensure love succeeds, one should watch ‘Did It My Way’.

‘潛行’ (Did It My Way), a 2024 Hong Kong crime action film, depicts a war on drugs in the new era.


29 Dec, 2023


Top1 抖音短剧特效这么牛了吗 1159.4万

Top 1 Are Douyin Short Drama Special Effects This Impressive? 11.594 Million

With human hearts harboring secrets and lives going off the rails, where do the cable car tracks that carry fate lead to? The first virtual production special effects short drama by Hui Hui Zhou, ‘柒两人生’ (Qi Liang Ren Sheng), is about to be released.

Hui Hui Zhou, a self-media creator, has over 14 million followers on Douyin and has received more than 350 million likes.

Top2 2023正在流行的美好生活 1146.1万

Top 2 The Trending Beautiful Life of 2023 11.461 Million

A popular travel trend in 2023 involves visiting as many attractions as possible in an extremely short time, quickly pinpointing local highlights, and experiencing them to the fullest. This is called ”Special Forces-style Travel’.

But, is this tiring? Definitely. However, it’s a unique way of traveling that addresses the time anxiety of modern people. Give Special Forces-style Travel a try.

Top3 和当燃青年一起奔向2024 1137.3万

Top 3 Running Towards 2024 with Passionate Youth 11.373 Million

‘Ordinary Me, Shining Brightly in 2023.’ What have these young people been up to this year? See how they set themselves ablaze in 2023 to shine and how they plan to continue moving forward in 2024~

Top4 金晨卜卦舞台绝美 1096.8万

Top 4 Jin Chen’s Stunning Divination Dance Performance 10.968 Million

At the ‘Douyin Beautiful Surprise Night’ event. Actress Jin Chen brought a traditional Chinese style dance this time.

Dancing gracefully to the song ‘Divination,’ she expressed profound love.

Top5 你遇到过这样的校长吗 1084.6万

Top 5 Have You Ever Met a Principal Like This? 10.846 Million

A principal who has long been educating children in underdeveloped areas, teaching several subjects single-handedly and striving to retain new teachers. He eats meals with the students, seeks help from outside the area, ensuring that every child gets to drink milk and eat eggs daily. He believes that education is not just the best way to change one’s fate; it’s the only way.


30 Dec, 2023


Top1 看毅玲爸爸的视频久久不能释怀 1159.6万

Top 1 Deeply Moved by Yi Ling’s Father’s Video 11.596 Million

A father was deeply touched and couldn’t let go after watching a video of Yi Ling’s dad. Yi Ling’s father raised her alone and stood by her through severe liver fibrosis and hemophagocytic syndrome. The little girl underwent two rounds of chemotherapy.

Sadly, on December 26th, Yi Ling passed away at just 5 years old. Her heartbroken father expressed: ‘What can I do? Both having and losing her were not in my control.’ May we cherish the present and wish for the health and growth of all children around the world.

Top2 王家卫新剧繁花好看吗 1096.5万

Top 2 Is Wong Kar-Wai’s New Drama ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ Worth Watching? 10.965 Million

Directed and produced by Wong Kar-Wai, the new drama ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ (繁花) is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Jin Yucheng.

Set in Shanghai of the 1990s, it tells the story of a businessman who becomes wealthy during the early days of China’s economic reforms on Huanghe Road, Shanghai. Let’s take a look at these reviews~

Top3 用年度报告的方式回顾2023 1067.0万

Top 3 Reviewing 2023 in the Form of an Annual Report 10.670 Million

CCTV’s website presents an annual report-style review of China’s year, highlighting significant events that took place.

Top4 董军任国防部部长 1053.9万

Top 4 Dong Jun Appointed as Minister of National Defense 10.539 Million

On December 29th, the seventh session of the 14th National People’s Congress Standing Committee concluded in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The meeting, upon voting, decided to appoint Dong Jun as the Minister of National Defense.

Top5 磁吸笔真是太解压了 970.7万

Top 5 Magnetic Pens are Such a Stress Reliever 9.707 Million

What new tricks can a pen have? This one is truly different with its automatic magnetic attraction feature, offering stress relief and fun. Easily transforms into various appearances, quickly becomes a toy, with many creative ways to play~


31 Dec, 2023

Top1 和2023好好道个别 1169.3万

Top 1 A Proper Goodbye to 2023 11.693 Million

This year, we are grateful for the warmth that has given us strength. There is always warmth everywhere. In 2024, may you have love, be loved, and may all your wishes come true.

Top2 张杰一个人硬刚所有卫视 1151.1万

Top 2 Zhang Jie single-handedly challenges all satellite TV channels 11.511 Million

How formidable is Zhang Jie’s talent? He single-handedly competes with all satellite TV channels. Zhang Jie (Jason Zhang) will hold a concert in Chengdu on New Year’s Eve, which will be live-streamed on Douyin, allowing both online and offline audiences to enjoy the music.


Top3 中国航天2023完美收官 1133.5万

Top 3 Perfect End to 2023 for China’s Space Program 11.335 Million

On December 30th, China successfully launched a satellite for internet technology testing. After reaching space, the satellite smoothly entered its planned orbit, marking a complete success for the launch mission.

Top4 热点妆容变化史 1119.5万

Top 4 History of Trending Makeup Styles 11.195 Million

Year-end makeup roundup. An aesthetic observation over the past 1500 days, covering the evolution of trending makeup styles on the internet from 2020 to 2023.

Top5 生气跺脚的N种理由 1093.6万

Top 5 Numerous Reasons for Stomping Feet in Anger 10.936 Million

Hilarious, the reasons for getting angry are so varied and bizarre.

Introducing a new uniform way to express anger: stomp your foot and let others guess why.


Douyin Rankings Dec 25-31

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