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KuaiShou for Web : 快手 is a popular short-form video sharing platform in China, offers rich entertaining and humorous videos, it’s a great way to see the beauty of life. To try the Chinese version of Kuaishou? Looking for interesting short videos? Access the Kuaishou web version now and discover the beauty of life~

KuaiShou for Web


KuaiShou for Web


快手 (pinyin: Kuàishòu), the leading short video social platform in China.

With an endless variety of videos and interactive live streams, users can see the beauty of life through the lens at any time.

Interested in trying Kuaishou on your computer?

In this article, we will introduce how to access the web version of Kuaishou. Keep reading to find out more.

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▼ Before we try the Kuaishou web version, friends who have not experienced it on your phones can try the Kuaishou or Kuaishou Lite App.

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Kuaishou website

Website 1 Translate


Official website : 快手

It is super simple and fast to give it a try.

Just open the link provided, and you can immediately experience its web version.

Use your mouse to scroll up and down to switch between different short videos.

We highly recommend enabling the web translation feature, which can help you quickly immerse yourself in this entertaining video-sharing platform.


Note : The web version is only available on desktop devices, if you’re using a mobile phone, try to switch to desktop site through your browser settings.

Visit Kuaishou Official website


Kuaishou also has the following interesting pages, which are highly recommended for readers to try.


Website 2 Local


Page : 快手同城

To discover creators or live streamers in your vicinity, enter the “同城” (samecity) page.

Here, you’ll find interesting individuals and events near you, allowing you to see what’s happening in your local area.

Visit Kuaishou local page


Kwai China website

Website 3 Live


Page : 快手直播

▼ Enjoy live streaming videos?

Head to the Kuaishou Live page. Here, you’ll find popular live streams across various categories such as mobile and computer games, ESports events, food, talents, shopping, knowledge sharing, beauty and more.

Visit Kuaishou live page

Website 4 Drama


Page : 快手劇場

If you like Chinese drama content, go to the Kuaishou Short Theater page.

Here, you’ll find popular dramas and exciting movie creations content.

Visit Kuaishou drama page

Kuaishou brings the world to our eyes, making it easy to see various aspects of life—rich entertaining videos, interactive live broadcasts, and original creation content, always meet new and exciting things. Hope our post could take you to experience it. If you have any problem, please leave us a message, thanks~

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