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KuaiShou App Download : Dive into the dynamic world of 快手, an indispensable platform for creative short video sharing in everyday life. Packed with a vast array of entertaining, humorous, and imaginative content, KuaiShou lets you enjoy a diverse visual feast at the touch of a button. More than just a platform for watching videos, it’s a stage for capturing and sharing the wonderful moments of life. Eager to watch more trending KuaiShou clips? Download the KuaiShou App now and easily witness the world around you~

KuaiShou App Download


Kuaishou App Download


What is Kuaishou? Kwai China or Chinese Kwai?

快手 (pinyin : Kuàishǒu ), a leading short video app by KuaiShou Technology, is China’s popular platform for video sharing.

It offers a unique multi-person interactive experience, allowing you to co-create fun videos with friends. The app’s live streaming feature enables real-time interaction with talented creators nationwide.

Whether it’s showcasing talent or sharing creativity, KuaiShou provides the perfect stage for everyone. Equipped with 30 types of beauty filters and hundreds of magical expressions, KuaiShou ensures you always look your best in every shot.

Want to try KuaiShou App? Download Kuaishou APK?

In this post , we will introduce how to download KuaiShou App, let’s get it~

  1. Android (APK)
  2. iOS


Kuaishou APK

Android 1 Play Store (X)


▼ Readers having Android phone or tablet cannot find KuaiShou on the Google Play Store.

KuaiShou is not available on Play Store


To get Kuaishou, please visit the sites below to get APK:

  • PP Assistant
  • Official site


Android 2 PP Assistant


PP Assistant :  快手

▼ 快手 APK is available on the Alibaba PP Assistant.

Open the site link, uncheck “优先下载PP助手安装,更安全”.

And tap 普通下载 Normal Download to get it.


Note : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Download KuaiShou APK from PP Assistant

Android 3 Official site


Official site : 快手

▼ We could also get Kuaishou APK from the Official site.

Open the link above.

Tap 免费下载快手APP Download Kuaishou App for free

and the download will begin.


Note 1 : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Note 2 : On desktop site? Please switch to mobile screen in your web browser.

Get KuaiShou APK on kuaiShou.com


Kuaishou Download

iOS 1 App Store (overseas)


App Store :  快手

▼ Readers on iPhone or iPad can find it on the App Store from outside of China.

Just search 快手 / kuaishou or open the store link,

and you can GET this short video app.

Get KuaiShou for iOS on App Store (overseas)


If it is not available for your Country or Area, go get it on the Chinese App Store (Mainland China).


iOS 2 App Store (China) I


▼ Refer to Open a China Apple ID to create a new ID,

and change the Country of your App Store.

Visit Chinese App Store

iOS 2 App Store (China) II GET


App Store :  快手

▼ Get into the China App Store successfully,

and you can search kuaishou or open the link to GET this app.

Get KuaiShou iOS on App Store (China)

The KuaiShou App offers a versatile platform where everyone can find their own space. Whether you’re looking to watch amusing videos, engage in live interactions, or showcase your talents, KuaiShou meets all your needs. We hope this article assists you in downloading this diverse short video app, starting your journey of personalized socializing and creativity. If you encounter any issues while downloading KuaiShou, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

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