Arena Breakout Download | 暗区突围 Chinese Version

Arena Breakout Download : Step into the heart-pounding world of “暗区突围,” Tencent’s innovative survival shooter game developed by Cube Studio. This game offers players an unprecedented immersive battlefield experience, filled with peril and uncertainty. In the dark zone, teeming with resources, the goal is to breakout successfully and escape with your loot. Ready for an adrenaline-pumping shootout? Prepared to survive and escape the dark zone? Download Arena Breakout now and engage in thrilling survival combat~

Arena Breakout Download


Arena Breakout Download


Looking for Chinese version of Arena Breakout? Or An Qu Towei?

暗区突围 (pinyin : Àn qū túwéi), means breaking out of the dark zone.

“Arena Breakout” introduces diverse gameplay that emphasizes strategy and skill in survival shooting. Players can choose their gear, customize tactics, and adapt their combat style for each mission. The game features a highly flexible weapon modification system that allows for equipment adjustments based on battlefield conditions.

Additionally, the game combines challenging PvE and PvP elements, requiring players to battle against both other players and AI-controlled enemies.

Looking for a new freedom in shooting games? Want to experience the thrill of a dynamic battlefield?

In this article, we will guide you on how to download the Arena Breakout App. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Android
  • iOS


Arena Breakout APK Download

Android 1 Google Play


▼ For overseas readers using Android smartphones or tablets, this game is not available in the Play Store.

Please follow the steps below to obtain the APK file for installation, or get the international version of Arena Breakout  from the store.

Arena Breakout China App is not available on Google Play


Want to get the Arena Breakout APK?

You can download it from the following websites:

  • Tencent Appstore
  • Official website


Android 2 Tencent Appstore


Tencent Appstore : 暗区突围

▼ Tencent Appstore offers the APK file for download.

Open the link and uncheck the “应用宝官方下载,安全高速”.

Click on “普通下载” Normal Download to start the download.


Note 1 : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Note 2 : On desktop site? Please switch to the mobile screen via your web browser.

Download Chinese Arena Breakout APK from Tencent Appstore

Android 3 Official website


Official website : 暗区突围

▼ We can also download Chinese Arena Breakout APK from the Official website.

Open the link above, and click on ‘立即下载‘ (Download Now) at the bottom.

Confirm the download to obtain the installer.


Note: If you can’t download it, please try using a different browser.

Download Arena Breakout APK from Official website



iOS 1 App Store (Overseas)


▼ Readers having iPhone or iPad can’t find XXX on the App Store from outside of China.

Please refer the steps below to get it, or get the international version of Arena Breakout from the store.

Chinese Arena Breakout App is not available on App Store (Overseas)


Can’t find it in your local App Store?

Consider switching to the Chinese App Store (Mainland China).


iOS 2 App Store (China) I


▼ Start by creating a new Apple ID for China.

Then, change your App Store’s country setting to Mainland China.

switching to the Chinese App Store

Switching to the Chinese App Store

iOS 2 App Store (China) II GET


App Store : 暗区突围

▼ Access the China App Store,

and search for ‘arena breakout‘ or use the above link to Get this app.

Download Arena Breakout App on App Store (China)

“Arena Breakout” redefines traditional shooting games by integrating survival, shooting, and tactical elements, providing a strategic experience like no other. Each breakout is a new adventure, challenging players to rethink their strategies and adapt to ever-changing conditions. We hope this article helps you download this mobile game and embark on a fresh survival adventure. If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment below. Thank you~

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