360 AI App Download | 360智脑 Explore the Edges of Knowledge

360 AI App Download: 360智脑 offers a comprehensive range of intelligent application features, from text generation to deep conversation, from data analysis to multilingual translation, fulfilling users’ learning, work, and daily life needs. Eager to explore the edges of knowledge? Want to experience the limitless possibilities of AI? Download the 360 AI App now and ignite your creativity and imagination~

360 AI App Download


360 AI App Download


360智脑 (pinyin : 360 Zhì nǎo) , aka 360 AI, possesses powerful AI capabilities with a variety of intelligent application scenarios:

  • Creative Generation and Text Understanding: Whether it’s composing classical poetry, couplets, role-playing, or summarizing texts, 360 Smart Brain can handle it effortlessly.
  • Multi-turn Dialogue and Understanding: Smoothly conducts multi-turn conversations, accurately grasping the topics and emotions of the dialogue.
  • Logic and Reasoning: From basic arithmetic to complex mathematical applications, 360 Smart Brain helps you solve all challenges.
  • Programming and Code Generation: Supports various mainstream programming languages, effectively identifying and correcting code errors.
  • Knowledge-based Q&A and Multilingual Translation: Provides accurate general knowledge Q&A and multilingual translation, seamlessly connecting global knowledge.

In this article, we will guide you on how to download the 360 Zhinao App. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Android
  • iOS


360 AI Download

Android 1 Google Play


▼ For overseas readers using Android smartphones or tablets, this AI Chatbot app is not available in the Play Store.

Please follow the steps below to obtain the APK file for installation.

360智脑 App is not available on Google Play


Want to get the 360智脑 APK?

You can download it from the following websites:

  • Tencent Appstore
  • Official website


Android 2 Tencent Appstore


Tencent Appstore : 360智脑

▼ Tencent Appstore offers the APK file for download.

Open the link and uncheck the “应用宝官方下载,安全高速”.

Click on “普通下载” Normal Download to start the download.


Note 1 : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Note 2 : On desktop site? Please switch to the mobile screen via your web browser.

Download 360智脑 APK from Tencent Appstore

Android 3 Official website


Official website : 360智脑

▼ We can also download 360 AI APK from the Official website.

Open the link above and click on “360智脑App” (360 Zhinao App).

Select “立即下载” (Download Now) and confirm to save the file.


Note 1 : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Note 2 : On desktop site? Please switch to the mobile screen via your web browser.

Download 360 AI APK from Official website



iOS 1 App Store (Overseas)


App Store : 360智脑

▼ For overseas users with iPhones or iPads, you can find this AI Chat app in the App Store.

Simply search for ‘360‘ in the store or open the store link to Get this application.

Download 360智脑 App on App Store (Overseas)


Can’t find it in your local App Store?

Consider switching to the Chinese App Store (Mainland China).


iOS 2 App Store (China) I


▼ Start by creating a new Apple ID for China.

Then, change your App Store’s country setting to Mainland China.

switching to the Chinese App Store

Switching to the Chinese App Store

iOS 2 App Store (China) II GET


App Store : 360智脑

▼ Access the China App Store,

and search for ‘360‘ or use the above link to Get this app.

Download 360智脑 App on App Store (China)

The 360 AI App combines a variety of intelligent functions, making it an ideal smart companion for learning, work, or everyday life. We hope this article helps readers acquire this app and start exploring the new era of intelligence. If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment below. Thank you~

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